Working together to build resilient

communities across California.


Learning Sessions

Join us on October 29th for an ARCCA Learning Session on Killer Heat in California.


2019 Legislative Tracking

Stay up-to-date on adaptation-related bills moving forward in California’s 2019 Legislative Session.


CA Resiliency Directory & Listserv

Join the listserv to exchange timely news and opportunities with peers from across the state.


Build Your Adaptation Capabilities

Use the Adapt-CA Toolkit to advance your agency’s capabilities to implement adaptation strategies.


Urban Rural Connections

Learn about California’s Urban Connections to Sierra Nevada Ecosystems in ARCCA’s new whitepaper.

Roadmap to Transportation Resilience

This high-level roadmap highlights transportation-focused adaptation measures and key planning activities.

The Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA) is a network of leading regional collaboratives and allies from across California that work together to advance adaptation statewide and increase local capacity to build community resilience. Through ARCCA, adaptation practitioners connect with peers across the state to exchange knowledge, engage in targeted problem-solving, and implement joint campaigns, effectively breaking down silos across sectors and jurisdictions.

Our Members

ARCCA is a coalition program of the Local Government Commission (LGC). The LGC serves as the coordinator for ARCCA, leveraging critical resources and statewide connections to advance climate change adaptation across California.