13. Establish monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for your region


All adaptation efforts operate with a high degree of uncertainty. When you set out to work across a region, the number of variables and possible confounding future events make it highly likely that you will need to confront change. It is important to set up monitoring and evaluation systems so you can see how your projects are progressing, where they are having an impact, and what changes are needed over time to refine and improve on your efforts. Strong monitoring and evaluation is crucial to long-term success, and keeping stakeholders engaged will help to inform this process.

As the field is still new, many of our own collaboratives are still exploring this area. We anticipate more information and resources will emerge in time, and welcome additional contributions to this important topic.

Tools & Resources

Safeguarding California

California’s 2009 Climate Adaptation Strategy (2009 CAS) was one of the nation’s first multi-sectoral plans for preparing for the impacts of climate change. Safeguarding California: Reducing Climate Risk is an update to the 2009 CAS, incorporating new information on climate vulnerabilities and management approaches. The Safeguarding California Plan is built on the most up-to-date science and sector-specific analyses of California climate risks and management strategies.

California Adaptation Planning Guide

The California Adaptation Planning Guide (APG) is the official reference document on the planning process for resilience in adaptation for the State of California.  It includes extensive information regarding monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

Climate Data Initiative

The Climate Data Initiative is a federal website where you can find data related to climate change that can help inform and prepare America’s communities, businesses, and citizens. Currently in its pilot phase, the site includes data and resources related to coastal flooding and food resilience. Over time, you will be able to find additional data and tools relevant to other important climate-related impacts, including risks to human health, ecosystems, and energy infrastructure.

Presentations on Emerging Monitoring and Evaluation Approaches for Climate Adaptation

As part of the California Adaptation Forum held in August 2014, 3 presenters hosted a session on monitoring and evaluation approaches for climate adaptation. Each of their presentations offers some ideas and issues related to this topic.

What Does Adaptation Success Look Like?

This presentation made at the 2014 Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy by Steve Adams discusses dimension of adaptation success.