2021 ARCCA Theme: Just and Resilient Recovery

We find ourselves in an unprecedented moment in the history of our planet — and in our work as climate leaders. We are building resilience in the midst of multiple converging crises racial, public health, environmental, and socio-economic. As we face all these issues at once, we have a unique opportunity to leverage lessons learned, and prioritize justice and resilience in our recovery efforts. There has never been a louder collective cry for widespread climate action and racial justice within our communities, nor more support and momentum for this work at the federal, state, and local levels.

Our holistic response to climate change through both mitigation and adaptation pathways —whether it be green jobs, living shorelines, wildfire resilience, cooling centers, or microgrids —- will be paramount to supporting a Just and Resilient Recovery effort. Such an effort is necessary to build communities that are prepared to weather the impacts of climate change which are only predicted to increase in severity and exacerbate inequity in the years ahead.

Supporting this effort will require climate leaders statewide to embed equitable practices into every layer of their work — that means centering the leadership and voices of frontline communities and working towards equitable processes as well as outcomes within our resilience and recovery initiatives.

ARCCA, as a statewide alliance of diverse stakeholders operating in the climate space, serves as a catalyst in the evolving adaptation field and has the unique opportunity to lead on several exciting fronts that build on our shared commitment to a Just and Resilient Recovery.

This year we are committed to the following:

  • To center and operationalize equity in all of ARCCA’s current and future work by supporting peer learning across our statewide network, institutionalizing equity in our own governance and decision making, and supporting our members to implement equitable best practices through our Climate Resilience Fund grant.
  • To promote a just, equitable recovery and transition to a green economy statewide.
  • To plan an impactful climate plenary at the 2021 California Economic Summit with the CSN/CA Forward and regional economic partners focusing on equitable and effective recovery strategies in order to bridge the adaptation and development worlds.
  • To advance a just recovery effort in tandem with collaborative partners including the nationwide Regional Collaborative Forum, California Resilience Partnership, and others.
  • To advance the just and resilient recovery initiatives of both urban and rural regional climate collaboratives through policy advocacy.
  • To raise funds through grant writing and affiliate member recruitment to further support our equity commitments that serve regional resilience and recovery planning and implementation efforts.

As ARCCA grows and expands as a network this year, we are committed to cultivating relationships that both center equity and environmental justice, as well as seed, share, and spread the collective power of collaboration. We will leverage our unique position to meaningfully and tangibly support vital adaptation work across all regions of California and prioritize just recovery and transition strategies that will secure a more vibrant future for all.