California Resiliency Network Listserv & Directory

The California Resiliency Network Listserv was developed by ARCCA to foster peer-to-peer connections in California’s growing climate resilience ecosystem. This listserv is intended to be used to share timely news, funding opportunities, advocacy campaigns, events, and other resources relevant to climate and community resilience practitioners in California. We also encourage leveraging this statewide brain trust to request information, identify potential partners, and foster knowledge exchange and collaboration.

As of June 1, 2022, the California Resiliency Network Listserv include 864 direct subscribers.

This is a public listserv that both ARCCA members and non-members can join. We encourage all individuals working on climate and community resilience to join this listserv, particularly those working for community-based organizations, Indigenous-led organizations, public agencies (including local, regional, state, and federal agencies), academic and research institutions, and philanthropic institutions.

Join the California Resiliency Network Listserv

Form responses are reviewed twice a week by ARCCA staff to update the listserv. Once added, additional information will be sent to new subscribers with instructions for contacting the listserv.

To support further collaboration, ARCCA staff are working to develop a California Resiliency Network Directory, which would only be shared with directory contacts. We hope to launch the directory by the end of 2022.