ARCCA’s Existing Purpose

The Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA), a coalition of CivicWell (Previously the Local Government Commission), represents leading collaborative networks from across California that strive to build regional resilience to climate impacts. Our member regional collaboratives in total encompass 80% of the state’s population, with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research serving as an ex-officio member. Together, ARCCA members work to enhance public health, protect natural systems, build economies, and create resilient, livable communities throughout California. By sharing best practices and resources, identifying strategies to overcome key barriers and challenges, and conducting joint campaigns and projects, ARCCA members effectively bolster their individual and collective efforts.

ARCCA also actively works to advance important adaptation principles by engaging in state policy development, facilitating dialogue between key decision-makers and stakeholders, and creating valuable tools and resources. Notable initiatives include strengthening the urban-rural connection to promote an integrated, interregional approach to adaptation; developing a comprehensive Adaptation in Action roadmap to assist local governments in complying with new state mandates (in progress); and providing guidance and technical assistance to emerging regional collaboratives. ARCCA is also supporting two research projects that aim to define practical opportunities to overcome financial and institutional barriers to implementing local adaptation strategies as part of California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment.

ARCCA aims to create a robust network of organizations and professionals working to advance climate change adaptation in California to share information and best practices, coordinate activities, and leverage limited resources to conduct joint projects.