Embedding Equity in Adaptation

The climate resilience field has experienced significant growth in the past decade, as evident by the extensive repository of resources now available to support decision-makers, as well as the growth of the resilience community itself. However, equity has not been sufficiently prioritized or integrated into adaptation processes or projects.

Embedding Equity in Adaptation, a new ARCCA initiative funded by the Climate Resilience Fund, seeks to directly address this gap by setting in motion an accelerated cycle of learning, institutionalizing, and implementing equity principles and practices. By leveraging existing infrastructure and resources, this project will build much-needed capacity among adaptation practitioners, organizations, and networks while codifying equity in governance procedures and catalyzing local climate equity initiatives to demonstrate proof-of-concept.


Phase 1: Learning

The first phase of ARCCA’s Embedding Equity in Adaptation initiative will launch with an initial Member Equity Assessment, a self-evaluation for ARCCA members to assess their current understanding and practice of equity in adaptation to establish a baseline and to inform the initiative. ARCCA will then organize a series of Equity in Adaptation Learning Seminars, interactive webinars focused on furthering the adaptation community’s understanding of the history, guiding principles, and strategies related to environmental justice, race and health equity, and the Just Transition framework. A series of Equity in Adaptation Peer Learning Circles will also be organized to foster knowledge exchange and build mutual support for advancing equity in the field of adaptation.

Phase 2: Institutionalizing

ARCCA will work with an equity consultant to review ARCCA’s Governance Structure and Guiding Principles for Adaptation and Collaboration to identify opportunities to further embed equity and integrate Just Transition principles, processes, and practices. This effort will result in Equitable Governance Procedures and Guiding Principles for ARCCA, as well as Recommendations for Equitable Regional Collaborative Governance Models to share with ARCCA’s member regional climate collaboratives. Finally, the Adaptation Capability Advancement (Adapt-CA) Toolkit will be updated to reflect a focused equity lens and actionable strategies for embedding equity in adaptation.

Phase 3: Implementing

ARCCA will provide technical assistance to support the implementation of equity strategies in ARCCA members’ adaptation efforts and create a series of local case studies that detail the key steps, challenges, lessons learned, and initial outcomes of replicable equitable adaptation initiatives. Finally, ARCCA will conduct a series of dissemination activities to share project outcomes, lessons learned, and replicable strategies with the national adaptation community.

Building an Inclusive and Equitable Adaptation Movement: A series of Learning Seminars

ARCCA’s summer learning seminar series – “Building an Inclusive and Equitable Adaptation Movement” – will be focused on the intersection of equity and adaptation. This series will feature voices from underrepresented communities historically left out of climate conversations and highlight community-led initiatives to advance climate equity and build community resilience. There will be three learning seminars in total and they will take place in July, August, and September (respectively). The content shared will be most useful for adaptation practitioners and local government officials, but all are welcome to attend. Please register for the individual learning seminars below. An agenda and list of speakers for each seminar will be shared out at a later date.
Learning Seminar 1 | Tuesday, July 20 from 10:00 – 11:00am
Learning Seminar | Tuesday, August 24 from 10:00 – 11:00am
Learning Seminar 3 | Thursday, Sept 9 from 10:00 – 11:00am