Adapt-CA Roadmap

Operations & Institutionalized Processes

Institutionalizing adaptation efforts into agency processes ensures that the varied aspects of resilience are consistently and systematically assessed and where appropriate responded to, and that adaptation efforts – which will change over time, and face significant uncertainties – are continually monitored, evaluated, and improved. Institutionalization of adaptation starts with efforts to mainstreaming adaptation efforts and over time moves towards a more holistic “adaptive management” approach that builds flexibility and responsiveness into government operations. Such a process looks at integration of adaptation considerations in existing agency processes, development of processes to assess, track, and report on multi-sector progress on climate adaptation implementation, understanding and integration of legal considerations, and creation of mechanisms for ongoing multi-year adaptation funding tied to ongoing risk assessment and awareness of effective response strategies. At the optimized level, climate risks and adaptation are fully integrated into agency decision making, planning processes, and financial considerations, and project and program outcomes are tracked against an agency-wide measure of adaptive capacity.