Climate Ready Roofs

Lead Organization: Climate Resolve

Partners: Habitat for Humanity and Grid Alternatives

Project Summary: The goal of the project is to bring high-tech clean energy solutions to communities that are traditionally left our of the green energy economy, including low-income communities. The program provides low-income homeowners with structurally sound cool roofs topped with solar panels to help families save on energy and reduce the cycle of the urban heat island effect, which is projected to become more severe due to climate change.

Project Outcomes & Status: Climate Resolve launched the Cool Roofs campaign in 2012 to offer free home retrofits to low-income homeowners in Los Angeles. The program installs solar panels and cool roofs that will save homeowners on energy bills by reducing the need for air conditioning in hot summer months, while also providing a source of clean, renewable energy. The project has led to the City of Los Angeles requiring cool roof installations on all new residential construction and many major renovations, starting in 2014. LADWP also offers up to a $.30 per sq. ft. rebate for residential roofs that was expanded to include more roof types and applicable products in the City of Los Angeles.

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