11. Conduct early stage activities that will show progress and build trust


Now comes the fun part – the projects and programs that will build the momentum of regional adaptation work. At this point, your collaborative should be in a great position to identify high-value projects that can garner attention to your focus areas, build community engagement with adaptation, and contribute to long-term preparedness in your region.

Working with the City of Los Angeles we helped enact a unique climate adaptation measure – amending the city’s building code, mandating all new and refurbished rooftops to use certified “cool” materials. When in January of 2014 Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the ordinance, The City of Los Angeles got to put a major climate win under its belt. Adapting to warming temperature needn’t break the bank nor necessitate the creation of an entirely new bureaucracy. It just takes smart planning.

– Jonathan Parfrey, Executive Director, Climate Resolve

Early stage activities should build a track record for your regional adaptation collaborative. These projects should unite members around shared successes. Ideally, early stage activities should demonstrate to the region as a whole the value of your collaborative and incentivize the region to engage with your collaborative on other projects in the future. Robust engagement will hinge on feedback mechanisms that communicate the outcomes of early stage activities to stakeholders.

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